BLOMIX, mold makers
since 1971


BLOMIX is a worldwide supplier of blow moulds with more than
40 years of experience

BLOMIX designs, engineers, produces and assembles blow molds for the packaging industry to increase our customers’ productivity.
The molds are used in several market segments as food industry, personal care, house hold, petrochemical as also in the industrial segment. The sizes vary from 20cc for the personal care up to 220 liter for the petrochemical industry.
It is our ambition the further develop the company as innovation brand within the industry.

Why Blomix?

With the experience gained over the more than 40 years existence of BLOMIX, we are able to resolve every blow mold challenge. Our products are designed, manufactured and assembled in house, to guarantee maximum quality.

BLOMIX works together with very reputable blow molding machine manufacturers. Together with these manufacturers we can supply you turn key solutions.

BLOMIX is your partner to increase the productivity of your forming processes.


BLOMIX is a company that has all the ingredients to become your moulding partner:

  • A design department to translate your ideas into feasible blow moulding solutions
  • A workshop with state of the art machine tools, to produce the moulds, masks and other process related components
  • Our craftsmanship builds the components together with a high quality standard
  • We have a great flexibility to react quickly to your questions and wishes
  • BLOMIX is also your partner in repairing and overhauling your current moulds, even if they are not produced by us


The BLOMIX mission is to supply solutions in every market segment, for every blow molding challenge. A solution that improves the productivity, that decreases the amount of waste material and with that saves the environment.


Packaging is a temporary state in the lifecycle of a product.
There are several reasons why a product should be packed:

  • To protect
  • To conserve
  • To distribute
  • To inform
  • To distinguish

Modern packaging

Because of this state being temporarily, the search for new optima continues. Modern packagings should become lighter than the traditional once, which lowers the transportation costs of the goods. The products should be conserved longer, to reduce waist because of deterioration.

Modern packagings need to be recognizable: marketing and design become more and more important in the final product design. But on the other hand the packaging should be more environmental friendly with the aim to be maximum recyclable.