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The BLOMIX molds for cans are state of the art pieces
of tool making

The BLOMIX molds for cans are state of the art pieces of tool making. The molds have a BLOMIX modular design, which enables swift and easy changes in volumes and executions.

The cans have a wide range in which they are used; from a product friendly environment with regular fluids, up to severe conditions containing aggresive fluids. Your can needs to live up to its task and our molds are a significant factor in that.

The more complex shapes are executed with linear actuators enabling the opening of an undercat shape. Closing of these molds is monitored for proces security.

The smallest can starts at 2.5 liter and grows up to 60 liter in volume.


The molds can be enlarged in volume with modular elements.
The openings can be changed in size.
The can can be added with an air vent.
The grip design can be modular which enables quick change of the grip execution.
A large variety of process related components can be delivered together with the mold, or seperately, for example:

  • Core nozzles
  • Cooling elements
  • Changeable neck parts
  • Substraction units
  • Engraved Inserts
  • Date clock
  • Blow pins
  • Discharge systems for bottom and shoulder


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